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Stacie & Cindy,
Thank you so much for all your help planning and executing our big day! I must say it was the best decision in the world to book your catering service! I have raved about you on &! :) From the bottom of our hearts w/ much love, we thank both of you! You are an AMAZING wedding duo!

<3 xoxo,
Cindy & John

Thank you so much for absolutely everything! You and every single one of your staff members were awesome! You guys really made it easy for us to have a great (stress free) time at our wedding…and for that, we could not thank you enough. Doug and I sincerely thank you for every detail (big or small) that you put into our wedding reception. We couldnt have wished for a more wonderful night.

Trang & Doug

Dear Stacie & Cindy,
Mike and I really wanted to thank you lovely ladies for all your help in planning and executing our wedding. It was absolutely perfect and we really could not have not pulled it off without your hard work and dedication. Stacie-you really care about your clients’ happiness; it shows in your work & in your sincere smile :) I am really going to miss our meetings & email exchanges. I know you’re constantly busy but please keep in touch! Cindy-though we only started working together near the end, I am so grateful that you oversaw the reception, it was a complete success and I would ask for you without a doubt if I could do it all over again! Thank you ladies so much!

Vivian & Mike

Hey Stacie,
The engagement dinner on Saturday went smoothly and perfectly. Your staff was wonderful. I want to give some acknowledgement to them for doing such a great job. They were very attentive and catering — attending to our needs promptly and patiently.
Thank you to Furiwa for doing a fantastic job!


Dear Stacie,
How are you doing? I hope everything is well and you’re not working too hard.
sorry I been so busy after the wedding and just came back from my honeymoon trip and did not have a chance to say thank you to you. Well thank you very much Stacie for all your hard work and a beautiful wedding, everyone love the food especially the chicken salad! A lot of people had been calling me and asked about your restaurant for their wedding and family dinner. I had told them about Furiwa.
You’re a beautiful and smartest person that I had met, you’re personality and you’re kindness had make me and everyone felt comfortable .
Thank you again and may god bless you and your family. Take care and have a wonderful week.

Shayla Hoang

Hi Stacie,
We could thank you a thousand times and still feel not enough. Without you, my wedding banquet would not be as pretty and well planned as it was. We are amazed as how you coordinated everything smoothly for us and had a vision to make things turn out beautifully. I was very happy that I had listened to you about the cakes. The cake table was pretty in its one of a kind decoration.
Our wedding banquet is exceptionally small. But you and Nikki have helped us make it an intimate, elegant, luxurious, and beautiful one. We received many compliments from our guests, including those who have attended many huge and beautiful wedding banquets around Orange County. We are very happy and proud of ours because of you and Nikki, and your hard work. Once again, we are so grateful to you and Nikki for your dedication and your well-thought plan for our special day.

Thanks a million.
Wendy & Bang.

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for everything! I thought the party went really well and your staff was incredibly helpful and attentive to all of our needs! Thanks again!


Hi Stacie!
I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your patience and help during my planning process. You definitely made the whole process easier and calming!
I also wanted to commend you and your staff on the great service that was provided to us. Cindy was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was nervous when I found out it wasn’t going to be you for the rehearsal and day of but upon meeting Cindy the night before, I just knew that I was in good hands. She was BEYOND professional and accommodating! I would say that I was really chill for most of the day on the day of and when I did freak out, Cindy was there to calm me down and I knew everything was going to work out just fine! Everyone in my wedding party kept telling me how amazing and kind she was, including my mom! My mom wanted to know how much “extra” I had to pay for her services because service like this could not just be included :D
Please please please send Cindy our utmost gratitude and sincere appreciation for all her help and hard work! It was truly pleasure to work with the BOTH of you to plan and execute our big day!

<3 always,
Cindy + John

Hi Stacie,
We just got back from our honeymoon! We both wanted to thank you for helping us coordinate our wedding. The reception turned out beautifully without glitches or problems (or if there were any you took care of them!). The night went by so quickly, I wish I had time to slow moments down to savor the details of it all… I remember looking around from time to time and always saw you in the corner, making sure everything was running smoothly…and that made me felt so calm. You did a wonderful job and we are so glad to have worked with you. Many thanks to you again Stacie!


Hi Stacie,
Thank you so much for helping me plan my wedding. It was amazing and I couldn’t have done it without you. You and your staff have exceeded my expectations completely! It couldn’t have gone any smoother and thanks for always making sure I was okay and relaxed. I honestly had the best day of my life and I can tell everyone else had a blast also. I know I’ll see you again soon!

Take care,
Christina and Viet

My dearest Stacie!
I am still riding the wave of wedding day bliss! I keep thinking about that night, playing every detail in my mind and I wanted to let you know that everything FAR exceeded my expectations. From the food (which EVERYone kept gushing over) to the decor to the overall experience, it was the best night of my life and I have you and Cindy to thank. Speaking of whom, she did an EXCELLENT job at the reception. Seriously, you guys went above & beyond and I can’t thank you enough. My only complaint is that it all went by so fast! But I knew that it would… I just wish I could have suspended time for a little longer…oh well, all good things must come to an end =) I will miss our meetings and interactions immensely (I’m already going though withdrawal). I truly feel closer to you after having gone though this experience — I will always consider you a friend and confidante. Thank you for lending your ear and allowing me to vent my “wedding planning” frustrations to you all those times…you seriously helped me maintain my sanity and I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through it all without you. Love you!


Dearest Stacie,
Thank you so much for all your help, guidance, patience, and kind words through this wedding process. We are so ‘great’-ful to have you and Furiwa do our wedding. Everyone raved about the food, and you were an unbelievable help the day of. Thanks for getting us through it. You were so wonderful to work with, it’s just a shame we can’t have more weddings. You already know but we recommend you to everyone!
P.S. My family loves you and can’t thank you enough.

Love ,
Christine & Larry

Dear Stacie,
Thank you for being such a dependable and reliable wedding coordinator for our special day. We valued your vast knowledge in wedding planning. You always had the best answers for all our many questions. You were always available and flexible to meet up and plan with us. We truly appreciate you being there on our wedding day to alleviate much of the stress, especially during the reception. We now know why you are one of the best event coordinators in OC. It was a great pleasure working with you!

Yours truly,
Nikki & Johnny

Thank you for making our wedding day seem so flawless. I’m sure you’ve done many weddings. We appreciate everything that you did including leaving us food in our hotel room. All the prepping and planning we did before the wedding really did help us coordinate everything and it flowed really well. We would definitely recommend you in the future.

Yvonne & Van

Dear Stacie,
Thank you for the note. Yes, we were certainly happy with how the banquet turned out. I could really sense on that day that you and Cindy really made sure everything turned out as best as possible. We really loved the layout of the reception area and the ballroom itself. The cake backdrop, the head table set-up, the individual table set-up (with the chopsticks) all looked really nice and felt very subtly classy. Thanks for the quick turnaround in dealing with the hotel parking situation and the projection screen vendor too. Quite a lot of our guests commented that they enjoyed the food (I, for one, did not expect the dishes would come to the tables as if they were just cooked right that minute!). We were definitely very impressed by how you managed to facilitate such a complicated and long program (especially with the dress change and make-up, and still managed to allow Jessica to eat quite a lot of food throughout the evening!). Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so memorable and meaningful to us and our guests. I am still waiting for my friend photographers to edit the banquet pictures. But once I get them, I will be sure to send along a couple. Thanks again! It was a true pleasure working with you.

Best regards.

Hi Stacie,
Omg…I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. The wedding turned out so nice and so well. Me and Brian loved the whole setup and we got a lot of compliments thanks to you. It was very hectic in the morning time getting ready to head to court and hair and makeup etc…but once we got to Furiwa and seeing the final touch of the place I was so happy and pleased to have my wedding there. Btw, Cindy was great and helpful that night as well. Once again, Stacie I can’t thank you enough for all the help and guidance you’ve given.

Vi & Brian

Thank you so much for everything! You have done so much for our wedding. I know we were behind schedule, but it still went smooth because of you! Thank you so much.

Helen & Tim

Dear Stacie,
Thank you again for your amazing work on our wedding. People continue to rave about the food and how “enchanted” the evening was. It came together beautifully and could not have happened without you. Amazing!

Karen & Eric

Dear Stacie & Kelly,
Thank you so much for your help both organizing before our wedding day and especially for coordinating and for stomping out fires. The two of you deserve a break and to feel pampered.

Trang & Peter

Dear Ken & Furiwa Restaurant,
Thank you immensely for the great food and service you gave us. We received so many great compliments on everything you did. Also, thank you for helping us find the location for the reception, which was very nice.

Best regards,
Hayes & Hongduc

Chap & I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us from the first day we met you until the wedding night. We would have not have such a beautiful wedding without you, Ken, & your staff.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Katie & Chap

Dear Furiwa,
Thank you so much for the wonderful food and service you provided us on our wedding day. We really appreciate it.

Jacqueline & Alex

Dear Stacie,
Thank you so much for everything! You helped make my dream wedding into a reality! Your experience and expertise was a godsend and I feel so fortunate that everything came out better than anticipated of all those last minute changes. I could never do what you do since I’m exhausted from this wedding, but I’m so glad that you are because you are fabulous! We’d like to suggest that your boss give you a raise!

Best wishes,
Charilyn & Tien

Dear Stacie and Furiwa Staff,
Thank you so much for making our wedding such a memorable event! Your energy and efforts were much appreciated!

Warmest regards,
Wes & Ann

Dear Furiwa,
Thank you for your services during our wedding day. The food was stupendous and everyone keeps telling us about how it will be a hard wedding to beat! We will look back upon our day as a success of fed bellies! Stacie was very thorough!

Trevor & Tran

Words cannot express our gratitude that we feel. You have made our special day that much more stress free. We thank you for everything you have done.

Pete & Rebecca Van de Ven

Thank you so much for putting up with our near meltdowns. The day couldn’t have run as smoothly without you there. Thank you!!
Julie & Ricky

Hi Stacie!
Hope you are doing well. I would like to THANK YOU very much for all of your help in those final weeks leading up to the wedding. All of your advice and suggestions were especially helpful for the wedding day. Thank you for all of your help behind-the-scenes during the wedding day. We had so many compliments about the reception and the food!!!
Thank you again, Stacie!

Take care,

Hi Stacie,
Thank you for helping to make our reception so memorable – all of my guests are still talking about how WONDERFUL the food was!!! I knew it would be good, but was surprised about the overwhelming response from everyone.

Take care,

THANK YOU for everything you did to make our wedding such a huge success. Everyone told us it was one of the most fun weddings they’ve ever been to! We couldn’t have done it without you. All our guests raved about Furiwa’s food, so please thank your chefs for us.
Thank you again!! & let’s definitely keep in touch!

Howard & Elsa